"Student complaints should never be marginalized or ridiculed,” but used to drive responsive program improvement.

Link to post-secondary expectations (Motivation)
College Readiness includes research and Expository writing.
Articulation with University ultimately agreement formalizing arrangements between the secondary and postsecondary educational system, such as state approved equivalency to English 101 or removal of writing remediation requirement. Example: Dual Credit Articulated Program of Study (DCAPS), which enables high school students who successfully master the specified standards/student learning outcomes common to both secondary- and postsecondary-level CTE programs of study to receive credits for college courses.

For non-college track (such as IEPs in place) articulate utility:
The 21st century adult workplace is a project-based environment (for salaried jobs).

Lack of challenge or “Learning Stretch”
Vetted and approved by Committee

Liability reduction: Similar to Worksite Readiness/CTE job shadowing
Mentor selection responsibility of Senior’s household (parent/guardian)
Guidance via organized Community response
Forms include authorization as necessary of fingerprinting
Senior Project mentoring Training

Timeline flexibility/Due date penalties similar to real life.

Criteria for judging success, or even the proper metric or mechanism to evaluate whether the Senior Project has been a successful change in the school curriculum. (SP Certification)