AASL/ACRL Joint Task Force on IL culmination via Capstone Projects

ACRL Proposal developing December 2015.
We're hoping for Submission by: [Need name, title, and ACRL unit or organization SILIC? ]
We're looking for ACRL members interested in joining potentially the list of membership.

AASL Proposal developed November 2010, approved at ALA Convention Summer 2011, and by the AASL Executive Board at ALA Midwinter 2012.
Item # 15: President Carl Harvey approved the following task force: AASL COMMITTEE DESCRIPTION FORM
NAME OF COMMITTEE: Capstone Project/Senior Project Task Force TYPE OF COMMITTEE:_X_Task Force (carrying out action/project on a specific topic with established deadline
SIZE, COMPOSITION, OR SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS OF COMMITTEE: Chair, 8 members including some members who are both AASL and ACRL members.
CHARGE: To gather examples of exemplary implementation of student-centered Capstone/Senior Projects which involve librarians as integral to information literacy process
Establish base definition of student-centered Capstone/Senior Projects involving school librarians as information literacy specialists.Develop a plan for locating examples of exemplary student-centered Capstone/Senior Project (Programs).Gather examples of exemplary Capstone/Senior Project (Programs).Identify Capstone/Senior Project support networks on state, national, and international level.Develop plans for sharing information gathered.
Concern: AASL and ACRL need to coordinate state, regional, national and global information literacy efforts to mainstream Capstones/Senior Project® and improve program quality and quantity. CP program promotion strategizes info lit implementation as a catalyst to stimulate backwards mapping sequences, benchmarking and integrating competencies throughout a learner’s education, progressing in sophistication, PK-20. A task force for Capstones/Senior Project® is needed at the national and state levels to identify best capstone practices and exemplary program models, share resources such as state laws/regulations or guidelines, Manuals, expectations in the form of rubrics or a Toolkit, and recommendations for professional development to support educators working with learners on Capstones/Senior Projects.

Action Requested within ALA: At the national level, the Task Force would collect the information and recommendations provided by ACRL and the AASL State Affliliate’s response groups, research for data to support recommendations, and develop a toolkit that would include the standardized guidelines and expectations, recommendations for a continuing education program for librarians’ profession development, and out reach-globally, nationally and locally.

At the state level, AASL Affiliates would be invited to organize their own appropriate response, a Special Interest Group (SIG), or a Task Force which could be modeled after WLMA’s 2002-2004 Culminating Project website. The Affiliate’s subgroup could provide information and make recommendations for librarian positions supporting more consistent implementation and higher student achievement of information literacy skills, project based learning and capstones. Given federal initiatives such as the ESEA Reauthorization package for Career and College Readiness (CCR), now is an ideal time to consider an "AASL/ACRL Joint Task Force on IL culmination via Capstone Projects (CP), etc.”

See more detail in Mission and Function Statements, Timeline
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